Wheelchair Adaptations

Black manual wheelchair with a wooden, square dolly attached with two ropes behind it

Using a wheelchair to get around is so freeing, but it can be hard to carry things at the same time. One man I spoke with, whom we will call Ángel, likes to move stuff around, to load up tools and groceries and get going with his projects. He made it work with his wheelchair by building something he could attach to it.

“I’m gonna call it the “The Thing,”” his wife says. “We crafted that together so it could go onto his wheelchair so he could move things because he can’t really hold anything on his lap. So you know, he’s able to move laundry and anything that needs to be moved, groceries or anything like that.”

To build it, they took a flat, square wooden dolly with four wheels and put a Rubbermaid tub on top of it. Then they screwed the tub to the dolly by running screws through the bottom of it. Once that was done, they tied two ropes to the base of the dolly and then hooked the other end of it onto the wheelchair. Voila!

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