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Catheter hanging in shower near bathing items

Condom Catheter

The little known lifesaver for sleeping through the night: the condom catheter! Here’s where support groups and sharing information really comes in handy. Because doctors just don’t always help you as much as you need.

Latex gloves wipes and incontinence diaper placed on mattress pad

Incontinence Kit

Let’s talk about incontinence! Urinating and having bowel movements are just part of daily life. Because of stigma, many people struggle to talk about ways to deal with toileting in the context of disability, but

Clear urinal placed in silver metal bucket

Plastic Urinal

Another way to deal with overnight urination is the urinal. It’s nothing fancy, but it works. They’re cheap and easy to obtain, but they can make overnights so much better. Betty, who cares for her