Walker Accessories

Metal walker with a white wire basket affixed to it.

Walkers are common mobility devices that help people move safely. They’re also relatively cheap. As one person told me, “Medicare supplies certain equipment. They usually only allow a wheelchair or a walker, because that’s what we were told when he lost his legs. “You can either have a free walker or a free wheelchair.” Of course, we’re going to take the wheelchair. The walker is $40.”

But using a walker makes it hard to carry items with you. As soon as Burt needed a walker, he tried to solve the problem of not being able to carry stuff anymore. He hopped online and searched for “walker accessories.” After picking up the walker at a local pharmacy, he ordered baskets like the one seen here with hooks on the top and on the bottom that hook onto the legs. While some rollators and other devices come with pouches, a basket is just better. “It’s better because it’s wider and you can put things into it that don’t disappear.” That is, you don’t have to put your hand down in a pouch and search around while you’re trying to balance.

Walker accessories aren’t limited to baskets, you can also get snap on trays with cupholders and everything. “So if he wants to make his own breakfast, he can do that.”

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