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Clear cup with lid and handles and green cup covered in shamrocks with straw

Accessible Cups

Staying hydrated is an important every day routine. But for many folks, it can be hard to use a cup without spilling its contents. People I spoke with talked about how important it was to

Close up of an iBaby brand video monitor

Baby Monitor

Many caregivers talked about repurposing “baby monitors” to give them piece of mind and be able to ensure their spouse was still breathing, hadn’t fallen, or was still in bed. From seriously ill individuals to

Three small silver hand bells with black handles and one small cowbell with a plaid ribbon attached to it on a table


Getting a caregivers’ attention for help across the house can take some creativity. One couple in Arizona shared that they kept “little bells in every room.” This way, no matter what room someone’s in, you

A padded chair with an absorbant pad inside a walk in closet. A metal grabbing tool lies across the arm rests of the chair.

Dressing Set Up

Grabbers or grabbing tools can be super helpful. And grabbing tools are cheap and effective; you can pick them up fairly easily and they quickly allow people with mobility impairments to get their hands on

Dry erase board with daily reminders

Dry Erase Board

When someone has dementia or other memory or cognitive problems, orientation tools can help keep folks grounded. For a low-tech, inexpensive solution, one caregiver I spoke to used a dry erase board. “This is how

Close up of interlocking foam tiles

Foam Tiles

When you’re at risk for falls, one way to ensure the floor has less of a hard landing is to use cheap foam tiles. Carpeting can be a no-go for folks who use mobility devices,

Two different types of grabbing tools. One is metal with a black handle and the other blue and made of plastic.

Grabbing Tools

This photo features two different kinds of simple and inexpensive tools. On the top is a black and grey grabber. You squeeze the handle to pull the pincers at the end together to grab and

Black adjustable height hospital table with various items like tissues and water on top

Hospital Table at Home

Sometimes, simple and relatively inexpensive hospital staples can make a big difference at home—like the hospital tray table. “We first thought of this at a hospital, where they use it so you can have a

Black and white modified arm cycle on table

Modified Arm Cycle

Poor grip can mean you need more traction. There are ways to create this by wrapping everyday things with something that has traction. For example, in upstate New York, Jon, who is disabled from the

White and gray mortar and pestle made of marble

Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle can be an unexpected feeding tube essential. In order to add medications to a feeding tube, meds need to be pulverized into a powder. While plastic pill cutters and pulverizers abound,