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Bathroom counter with open space under the sink instead of cabinets and open shelving next to it.

Accessible Bathroom Counter and Cabinets

This bathroom was renovated to add some wheelchair-friendly aspects. These two photos show the bathroom sink and counter that has the under cabinet removed from directly under the sink. This lets the wheelchair user roll

Snacks and other kitchen items labeled onto cabinets

Cabinet Labels

Dementia, memory loss, or brain injury can present unique challenges when navigating around the house. One person I spoke with valued his label maker more than just about anything. For his wife, who had a

Close up of interlocking foam tiles

Foam Tiles

When you’re at risk for falls, one way to ensure the floor has less of a hard landing is to use cheap foam tiles. Carpeting can be a no-go for folks who use mobility devices,

Brown wooden plywood ramp placed on grass

Homemade Ramp

Ramps are a relatively simple item that can drastically change a home or venue from inaccessible to accessible. But they can be expensive to put in, expensive if you buy a temporary one, and people

Rack attached to black fridge holding spices

Magnet Rack

In Pennsylvania, Tina has multiple sclerosis and uses a motorized wheelchair. She loves to cook, but she needed the spices moved out from behind a closed cabinet door and instead to a place where she

Wooden extended steps built in front of door

Modified Steps

Mobility impairments can makes steps difficult and dangerous. But renovating a home can be extremely expensive and take a long time. Many find themselves suddenly faced with trying to adapt a home after a disabling

Mini ramp made by putting a paint stirrer on the ground

Paint Stirrer

Ángel, who had been a painter for decades, once again puts a tool from his trade to a new use. Since he began using a wheelchair, the small lip in the concrete between the garage

Shower chair placed in shower with the blue exfoliator and washcloth on the arm

Roll-in Shower

This is a photo of a roll in shower, which eliminates the need for having to negotiate any lips or bathtub walls. But it still requires transferring to a shower chair, and this one is

Metal temporary ramp in front of teal blue door

Temporary Ramp

Although amendments to the Fair Housing Act in 1988 resulted in disabled people being included under the law, there remains little availability of accessible housing in the United States. Less than five percent of housing

Metal walker with a white wire basket affixed to it.

Walker Accessories

Walkers are common mobility devices that help people move safely. They’re also relatively cheap. As one person told me, “Medicare supplies certain equipment. They usually only allow a wheelchair or a walker, because that’s what