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Close up of an iBaby brand video monitor

Baby Monitor

Many caregivers talked about repurposing “baby monitors” to give them piece of mind and be able to ensure their spouse was still breathing, hadn’t fallen, or was still in bed. From seriously ill individuals to

Three small silver hand bells with black handles and one small cowbell with a plaid ribbon attached to it on a table


Getting a caregivers’ attention for help across the house can take some creativity. One couple in Arizona shared that they kept “little bells in every room.” This way, no matter what room someone’s in, you

Tall commode and shower chair with footstool and blue mash backing

Combo Commode & Shower Chair

This chair has a double life: When it’s not a shower chair, it is repurposed as a commode. One couple, living in a small apartment in Pennsylvania at the time and whom we’ll call Ben

Two makeshift grab bars located in shower area of bathroom

DIY Grab Bars

This photo shows more of those DIY budget grab bars made of gas pipes or nipples. Here, they are mounted in the shower tiles and one picture shows a close up of the flanges used

Black adjustable height hospital table with various items like tissues and water on top

Hospital Table at Home

Sometimes, simple and relatively inexpensive hospital staples can make a big difference at home—like the hospital tray table. “We first thought of this at a hospital, where they use it so you can have a

Black and white modified arm cycle on table

Modified Arm Cycle

Poor grip can mean you need more traction. There are ways to create this by wrapping everyday things with something that has traction. For example, in upstate New York, Jon, who is disabled from the

White and gray mortar and pestle made of marble

Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle can be an unexpected feeding tube essential. In order to add medications to a feeding tube, meds need to be pulverized into a powder. While plastic pill cutters and pulverizers abound,

Mini ramp made by putting a paint stirrer on the ground

Paint Stirrer

Ángel, who had been a painter for decades, once again puts a tool from his trade to a new use. Since he began using a wheelchair, the small lip in the concrete between the garage

Blue painter's tape on door frame

Painter’s tape

Let’s talk about painter’s tape. Ángel worked as a housepainter for decades, but had a stroke three years ago that paralyzed the left side of his body. Now, painter’s tape is a key everyday tool.

Green mat on countertop

Rubberized Mats

Another hack for one-handed folks or those with wobbly grips is to use a rubberized place mat or rubberized cabinet or drawer liner to create more stable surfaces. You can use them on tables, trays,