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screenshot of medication tracker template in Google Sheets, with places to track different medications, dosages, times of day, etc.

Medication Sheet Template

Managing a lot of different medications is overwhelming because it requires organizing and keeping track of a lot of important information. Meds need to be refilled at different times, their dosages get adjusted, and it’s

White and gray mortar and pestle made of marble

Mortar and Pestle

A mortar and pestle can be an unexpected feeding tube essential. In order to add medications to a feeding tube, meds need to be pulverized into a powder. While plastic pill cutters and pulverizers abound,

Screenshot of a series of phone alarms for medication

Phone Alarm

Medication regimens can be extremely complex. Sometimes medicines need to be taken at a certain time, a certain time period before eating, after eating, with food, without, and so on. Keeping a handle on all

Yellow and blue pill box


Medication management is a full time job. Between getting meds covered by insurance and remembering to to take them, managing complex medication regimens is a daily, and usually multiple times a day, task. It can

Thick it and other supplements on counter

Thick It

For some people I spoke to, taking meds was difficult because of swallowing problems. One trick those folks use is to buy a thickening agent. One caregiver told me, ” I buy Thick It by