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Black bedrail affixed to the side of a bed. Hanging from it is a small washrag, a cup holder, and a bag with pockets for holding small items.

Customized Bed Rail

When you spend most of your time in bed, it’s important to keep all of your essential needs close to you. Bed rails are usually bought for safety, since they help people move and adjust

Two makeshift grab bars located in shower area of bathroom

DIY Grab Bars

This photo shows more of those DIY budget grab bars made of gas pipes or nipples. Here, they are mounted in the shower tiles and one picture shows a close up of the flanges used

A toilet with brown carpet installed around it, a baratric commode positioned on top of it, and a homemade grab bar installed on either side.

Getting Creative for Bathroom Safety

This picture shows a number things. For one, it shows how you can use a bariatric commode (with the bowl removed) on top of a toilet and it becomes a toilet seat raiser. This is

Brown wooden plywood ramp placed on grass

Homemade Ramp

Ramps are a relatively simple item that can drastically change a home or venue from inaccessible to accessible. But they can be expensive to put in, expensive if you buy a temporary one, and people

Mini ramp made by putting a paint stirrer on the ground

Paint Stirrer

Ángel, who had been a painter for decades, once again puts a tool from his trade to a new use. Since he began using a wheelchair, the small lip in the concrete between the garage

Metal walker with a white wire basket affixed to it.

Walker Accessories

Walkers are common mobility devices that help people move safely. They’re also relatively cheap. As one person told me, “Medicare supplies certain equipment. They usually only allow a wheelchair or a walker, because that’s what

Black manual wheelchair with a wooden, square dolly attached with two ropes behind it

Wheelchair Adaptations

Using a wheelchair to get around is so freeing, but it can be hard to carry things at the same time. One man I spoke with, whom we will call Ángel, likes to move stuff

Close up of a wheelchair brake kept in the open position with a white plastic zip tie.

Wheelchair Brake Hack

Wheelchairs break, parts wear out, things go wrong. Disabled people have long had to deal with terribly long waits for repairs and disabled communities have worked around this by doing ad hoc wheelchair repair for