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Close up of an iBaby brand video monitor

Baby Monitor

Many caregivers talked about repurposing “baby monitors” to give them piece of mind and be able to ensure their spouse was still breathing, hadn’t fallen, or was still in bed. From seriously ill individuals to

Two silver metal grab bars on wall next to a toilet, one horizontal and one at an angle

Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars may seem like a small adjustment, but they make an enormous difference. “It really helps him getting on and off the shower seat and into the shower. Without those bars we couldn’t manage

Three small silver hand bells with black handles and one small cowbell with a plaid ribbon attached to it on a table


Getting a caregivers’ attention for help across the house can take some creativity. One couple in Arizona shared that they kept “little bells in every room.” This way, no matter what room someone’s in, you

Shower bench or elongated form of a shower chair so that one set of legs is in the tub and one set outside the tub

Bench Shower Chair

“When my husband first came home he went for more than a month without being able to have anything more than a wipe down spit bath kinda thing,” one woman tells me. Finally though, they

Tall commode and shower chair with footstool and blue mash backing

Combo Commode & Shower Chair

This chair has a double life: When it’s not a shower chair, it is repurposed as a commode. One couple, living in a small apartment in Pennsylvania at the time and whom we’ll call Ben

Black bedrail affixed to the side of a bed. Hanging from it is a small washrag, a cup holder, and a bag with pockets for holding small items.

Customized Bed Rail

When you spend most of your time in bed, it’s important to keep all of your essential needs close to you. Bed rails are usually bought for safety, since they help people move and adjust

Two makeshift grab bars located in shower area of bathroom

DIY Grab Bars

This photo shows more of those DIY budget grab bars made of gas pipes or nipples. Here, they are mounted in the shower tiles and one picture shows a close up of the flanges used

A padded chair with an absorbant pad inside a walk in closet. A metal grabbing tool lies across the arm rests of the chair.

Dressing Set Up

Grabbers or grabbing tools can be super helpful. And grabbing tools are cheap and effective; you can pick them up fairly easily and they quickly allow people with mobility impairments to get their hands on

Shower chair that stretches from bathtub to toilet

Dual Use Sliding Shower Chair

“I just kept looking online and when I discovered that toilet to shower chair, I measured our bathroom and it fit perfectly.” This type of chair can be a relief for those struggling with safe

A toilet with brown carpet installed around it, a baratric commode positioned on top of it, and a homemade grab bar installed on either side.

Getting Creative for Bathroom Safety

This picture shows a number things. For one, it shows how you can use a bariatric commode (with the bowl removed) on top of a toilet and it becomes a toilet seat raiser. This is