Shower Chair on Rails

Shower chair place on rails to slide over tub edge

Here again is the shower chair with the double life as a commode.

So often, people are sent home with a basic shower chair that is available anywhere. Though this can be a fine option, for some, it just doesn’t fill the need. And so folks spend ages finding a shower chair that might work. It took this caregiver, Ben, years to find, but finally he came across one with rails.

“The chair will actually lock onto that and then they secure together and then you pull out a latch on the back of the chair and it’s on the rollers they all roll over onto the one that’s in the shower.” That is, this shower chair has rails or tracks that it moves across into the shower. And although this one is in a shower, “it’s tall enough that you can use it in most bathtubs.”

The fact is, most of the shower chairs that are cheap and easily available are for people who can transfer or transfer with a little help. Ben’s wife Tina cannot transfer on her own and requires a Hoyer lift. This shower chair on rails or tracks is the perfect solution for her. He can simply use the Hoyer lift to place her in the shower chair and then roll her right across.

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