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Bathroom counter with open space under the sink instead of cabinets and open shelving next to it.

Accessible Bathroom Counter and Cabinets

This bathroom was renovated to add some wheelchair-friendly aspects. These two photos show the bathroom sink and counter that has the under cabinet removed from directly under the sink. This lets the wheelchair user roll

Corner rack with three tiers for shower essentials and grab bars on shower

Accessible Shower with Orientation 

This accessible shower incorporates grab bars, both vertical and horizontal, and a set of adjustable shower shelves that holds a waterproof orienting clock. This person needed constant reminders of the day and time, and placing

Two silver metal grab bars on wall next to a toilet, one horizontal and one at an angle

Bathroom Grab Bars

Grab bars may seem like a small adjustment, but they make an enormous difference. “It really helps him getting on and off the shower seat and into the shower. Without those bars we couldn’t manage

White bath rail installed on edge of bathtub

Bathtub Rail

Another option for installing a grab bar in the bathroom that doesn’t require mounting anything into the walls is this bathtub rail or clamp on tub rail. These are relatively cheap (often under $40) but

Shower bench or elongated form of a shower chair so that one set of legs is in the tub and one set outside the tub

Bench Shower Chair

“When my husband first came home he went for more than a month without being able to have anything more than a wipe down spit bath kinda thing,” one woman tells me. Finally though, they

Tall commode and shower chair with footstool and blue mash backing

Combo Commode & Shower Chair

This chair has a double life: When it’s not a shower chair, it is repurposed as a commode. One couple, living in a small apartment in Pennsylvania at the time and whom we’ll call Ben

Catheter hanging in shower near bathing items

Condom Catheter

The little known lifesaver for sleeping through the night: the condom catheter! Here’s where support groups and sharing information really comes in handy. Because doctors just don’t always help you as much as you need.

Two makeshift grab bars located in shower area of bathroom

DIY Grab Bars

This photo shows more of those DIY budget grab bars made of gas pipes or nipples. Here, they are mounted in the shower tiles and one picture shows a close up of the flanges used

A freestanding metal toilet railling positioned around a toilet with a standard wooden lid.

Freestanding Toilet Grab Bars

These are free standing or standalone toilet safety rails or toilet grab rails. They act a bit like grab bars since they help in safely transferring from toilet to standing and vice versa, but they

A toilet with brown carpet installed around it, a baratric commode positioned on top of it, and a homemade grab bar installed on either side.

Getting Creative for Bathroom Safety

This picture shows a number things. For one, it shows how you can use a bariatric commode (with the bowl removed) on top of a toilet and it becomes a toilet seat raiser. This is