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Wooden bench and metal grab bars with a corner rack for shower essentials

Accessible Shower Arrangement

There are a ton of accessible bathroom tips in this photo to share! Like other pictures, this shows lowered shelving so that items can be reached from a seated position. But it also includes a

Corner rack with three tiers for shower essentials and grab bars on shower

Accessible Shower with Orientation 

This accessible shower incorporates grab bars, both vertical and horizontal, and a set of adjustable shower shelves that holds a waterproof orienting clock. This person needed constant reminders of the day and time, and placing

Shower chairs and grab bars with removable showerhead

Temporary Bathroom Modifications

Here’s another example of an accessible shower set up. This one has all the tools: There is a clamp on tub rail, a shower bench, suction grab bars, and a handheld shower head. Like many

White bath rail installed on edge of bathtub

Bathtub Rail

Another option for installing a grab bar in the bathroom that doesn’t require mounting anything into the walls is this bathtub rail or clamp on tub rail. These are relatively cheap (often under $40) but

Shower bench or elongated form of a shower chair so that one set of legs is in the tub and one set outside the tub

Bench Shower Chair

“When my husband first came home he went for more than a month without being able to have anything more than a wipe down spit bath kinda thing,” one woman tells me. Finally though, they

Shower chair that stretches from bathtub to toilet

Dual Use Sliding Shower Chair

“I just kept looking online and when I discovered that toilet to shower chair, I measured our bathroom and it fit perfectly.” This type of chair can be a relief for those struggling with safe

Metal corner rack with hygienic items and three command hooks for towels

Lowered Shower Shelving

This roll in shower shows how you can easily lower items for access from a seated position in a shower chair. Shower shelves are often placed higher up when embedded in the tiles, but this

Shower chair place on rails to slide over tub edge

Shower Chair on Rails

Here again is the shower chair with the double life as a commode. So often, people are sent home with a basic shower chair that is available anywhere. Though this can be a fine option,