Rubberized Mats

Green mat on countertop

Another hack for one-handed folks or those with wobbly grips is to use a rubberized place mat or rubberized cabinet or drawer liner to create more stable surfaces. You can use them on tables, trays, you name it.

“It’s the stuff that you put inside your kitchen cabinets to keep things, like a non-stick pad. We cut them out. One is a place mat.” These can be used in many ways. “He can go over and put a plate on it and it won’t slide around the cabinet or the countertop on him….Then there’s another one in front of his pills tray.” This way, Bob in New Jersey can fix his plate or pull out his pills without worrying about anything rolling around or tipping over.

“He can also cut up his food and stuff like that without worrying about it sliding off. The tray that I took the picture of has a piece of [matting] glued in there so that his plate doesn’t slide around on his lap.

Rubberized mats or cabinet/drawer liner are cheap and easy to cut but allow someone to do so much more on their own.

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Tan rubbermat lining the bottom of a tray

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