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Rack attached to black fridge holding spices

Magnet Rack

In Pennsylvania, Tina has multiple sclerosis and uses a motorized wheelchair. She loves to cook, but she needed the spices moved out from behind a closed cabinet door and instead to a place where she

Blue Sponge covered in suds on counter near sink

One-Handed Dishwashing

Washing dishes with one hand just takes a little creativity. When I visited Ángel in Florida, he showed me how he did is part when it came to washing dishes. He only has the use

Green mat on countertop

Rubberized Mats

Another hack for one-handed folks or those with wobbly grips is to use a rubberized place mat or rubberized cabinet or drawer liner to create more stable surfaces. You can use them on tables, trays,

Black silicone trivet laying on the counter top

Silicone Trivet

When you only have the use of one hand, cooking requires some creativity. In New Jersey, Bob only has the use of one hand and arm after a stroke. But he has figured out numerous