Dressing Set Up

A padded chair with an absorbant pad inside a walk in closet. A metal grabbing tool lies across the arm rests of the chair.

Grabbers or grabbing tools can be super helpful. And grabbing tools are cheap and effective; you can pick them up fairly easily and they quickly allow people with mobility impairments to get their hands on what they need.

This picture shows a dressing area set up. The chair, with arm rests for balance, sits in the closet where, with the grabber, everything is pretty much within reach. “The important thing with this chair is you will notice it is solid, and it has two arms. He’s able to push up to stand and it can support that.”

They keep grabbers in every room so he’s always able to get what he wants himself.

Aalso note, “We have a washable pad on that chair. Those are amazing.” As other photos on this site show, reusable absorbent pads can be a lifesaver. “They’re well worth it. You can just buy one at a time. They have them at CVS. Of course, they have them through Amazon. I’m wanting to say they’re about $15 each.”

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