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screenshot of medication tracker template in Google Sheets, with places to track different medications, dosages, times of day, etc.

Medication Sheet Template

Managing a lot of different medications is overwhelming because it requires organizing and keeping track of a lot of important information. Meds need to be refilled at different times, their dosages get adjusted, and it’s

A padded chair with an absorbant pad inside a walk in closet. A metal grabbing tool lies across the arm rests of the chair.

Dressing Set Up

Grabbers or grabbing tools can be super helpful. And grabbing tools are cheap and effective; you can pick them up fairly easily and they quickly allow people with mobility impairments to get their hands on

Two different types of grabbing tools. One is metal with a black handle and the other blue and made of plastic.

Grabbing Tools

This photo features two different kinds of simple and inexpensive tools. On the top is a black and grey grabber. You squeeze the handle to pull the pincers at the end together to grab and

A suction grab bar attached to a tile shower wall.

Suction Grab Bars

Temporary grab bars or suction grab bars were a common choice for people who did not have the money or desire to build in grab bars to the walls. But they are definitely not as