Medication Sheet Template

screenshot of medication tracker template in Google Sheets, with places to track different medications, dosages, times of day, etc.

Managing a lot of different medications is overwhelming because it requires organizing and keeping track of a lot of important information. Meds need to be refilled at different times, their dosages get adjusted, and it’s helpful to note histories and associated doctors so you know who to contact for questions. It’s also imperative to keep track of special instructions, like if you should take half a pill, wait until after eating, and so on. And of course, any time you end up going the doctor or the ER, they always ask “What medications are you on?” Keeping all your med information in one place makes things infinitely easier. One caregiver shared this template that you can print and fill out or save on your phone. So many people noted how much easier it is to keep track of it all when you have a medication sheet. Here is the downloadable Excel file and a link to the GoogleSheet you can download here. The first sheet is the blank template and the second sheet is an example of how they used the sheet, anonymized of course. 

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