Accessible Bathroom Counter and Cabinets

Bathroom counter with open space under the sink instead of cabinets and open shelving next to it.

This bathroom was renovated to add some wheelchair-friendly aspects. These two photos show the bathroom sink and counter that has the under cabinet removed from directly under the sink. This lets the wheelchair user roll up to the sink with his legs under the counter. The faucet also has a touchless feature. In addition to the handle, it has a sensor so that he doesn’t have to reach up to turn the water on. And, because it can be difficult to open drawers or cabinets, all of his needs are in open shelving to the right of the counter. His items are placed on the lower shelves so he can reach them from a seated position. Note on the corner of the counter there is a hook mounted. This is so he can leave a towel or washcloth there within reach.

These are examples of more expensive renovations, but once again show how some relatively simple adjustments can make all the difference.

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Bathroom counter with open space under the sink and a hook mounted on the corner.

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