Homemade Ramp

Brown wooden plywood ramp placed on grass

Ramps are a relatively simple item that can drastically change a home or venue from inaccessible to accessible. But they can be expensive to put in, expensive if you buy a temporary one, and people have always rigged them up out of materials they could find. (The disabled artist Park McArthur even had an exhibition called Ramps.)

For some, the best they could do was fashion them out of spare wood they had lying around. One caregiver told me, “My brother and our son made a wooden ramp for us and it lasted probably a little more than a year and a half. ” It was affixed to the front door, so it was exposed to the elements. “With the Florida rain and sun and the rest of it, it started to fall apart…made but the ramp is is awesome. It makes things so much easier.”

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The bottom part of the wooden ramp leaned against the wall

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