One-Handed Dishwashing

Blue Sponge covered in suds on counter near sink

Washing dishes with one hand just takes a little creativity.

When I visited Ángel in Florida, he showed me how he did is part when it came to washing dishes. He only has the use of one side of his body since he had a stroke, but he’s figured out a way to wash some of the dishes using one hand. He squeezes dish soap onto a sponge, then turns on the water, squeezing and lathering up the sponge. Then he sets the sponge down just outside of the sink on the counter so he can see it from his wheelchair. Then he picks up the utensils and other small dishes he is washing, one at a time. In this photo, he’s washing a knife by rubbing it along the sponge, flipping it over, back and forth, to scrub it. The wetness of the sponge suctions it to the counter, which lets him “scrub” with one hand.

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