Accessible Cups

Clear cup with lid and handles and green cup covered in shamrocks with straw

Staying hydrated is an important every day routine. But for many folks, it can be hard to use a cup without spilling its contents.

People I spoke with talked about how important it was to have good spill proof cups, cups with lids and straws, and cups with handles.

If you’re dealing with ataxia or shaky hands or a tough time with muscle control, using cups with these features can help folks drink independently. It’s an easy fix on a budget.

In this photo, one caregiver told me that her partner used these cups all the time “because he had what they called ataxia with his hands. His hands didn’t shake all the time, but he didn’t have control over them when he went to drink or eat and using these cups, allowed him for the most part to drink independently. Whether it was sparkling water and juice or ice tea, or the little cup is what I used for his coffee, either hot coffee or iced coffee. They kept the drink hot or cold, but most importantly it didn’t splash or spill all over and if he knocked it over, it slowed down the spill. ”

To find the cups she’s searched for “adult sippy cups with handles.” You can also search spill proof cups or insulated spill proof cups.

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