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Door from gararge to kitchen with one step. Two grab bars are mounted vertically on either side of the door frame for pulling oneself up.

Grab Bars for a Step

This picture shows a unique use of grab bars. For this person, making it up the one step from the garage to the kitchen became impossible without safely holding onto something. In this case, they

Brown wooden plywood ramp placed on grass

Homemade Ramp

Ramps are a relatively simple item that can drastically change a home or venue from inaccessible to accessible. But they can be expensive to put in, expensive if you buy a temporary one, and people

Wooden extended steps built in front of door

Modified Steps

Mobility impairments can makes steps difficult and dangerous. But renovating a home can be extremely expensive and take a long time. Many find themselves suddenly faced with trying to adapt a home after a disabling

Metal temporary ramp in front of teal blue door

Temporary Ramp

Although amendments to the Fair Housing Act in 1988 resulted in disabled people being included under the law, there remains little availability of accessible housing in the United States. Less than five percent of housing