Grab Bars

Shower stall with wall mounted shower bench, handheld showerhead, and grab bars installed vertically on either side of the bench and on adjacent wall.

Grab bars may seem like a small adjustment, but they make an enormous difference. “It really helps, him getting on and off the shower seat and into the shower. Without those bars we couldn’t manage it I don’t think,” says one person.

Grab bars were the most ubiquitous of home adjustments across everyone I spoke to. People often got creative with where to put them, experimenting with angle and height. Most often, they appeared in bathrooms.

In these photos, grab bars appear vertically, horizontally, in the shower, along side the toilet, and at varying heights. Plus, sometimes you install one and then needs change, so you add another.

Note: It is important to mount them on studs so they can hold the weight they need to safely.

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