Yellow and blue pill box

Medication management is a full time job. Between getting meds covered by insurance and remembering to to take them, managing complex medication regimens is a daily, and usually multiple times a day, task. It can be hard and overwhelming to keep track of medications, the times they must be taken, if they are with or without food, and when they need to be refilled, and so on. And usually, different medication needs to be filled at different times.

Pillboxes (along side a comprehensive med list written on a piece of paper, like this medication sheet template) were the most common way that people managed this complexity. Pillboxes allow you to pre-plan your entire week’s worth of meds. Often, people kept all the prescription bottles in a basket or other centralized location and would “do the pillbox” each week, plopping the meds in the appropriate day and time slot. This also allows you to get a visual of what medications are running out soon and need to be refilled. Some pill boxes can even be filled by the month. (To find these you can search for monthly pill boxes as opposed to weekly pill boxes.)

Pillboxes are also relatively inexpensive. Pharmacy brand weekly pill boxes can cost under $10. Even the fancier, monthly pill box brands like Pillrite cost about $40. And for a really fun version, you can try decorated pill organizers from Pill Joy!

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