Rolling Cart with Orientation Clock

Teal blue Three tier rolling cart With hygienic and medical supplies

This picture highlights two things: a rolling cart and an orientation clock.

Rolling carts with shelves can help keep things organized and their portability is also useful, especially if there are multiple things to remember to bring from room to room. If you’re doing wound care and need a lot of supplies, or use a CPAP, it can be a great way to keep everything together.

As Tracy in Texas told me about hers, they have a specific one for next to the bed, “This [cart] is specific to next to the bed and goes into the bathroom too. He can put his CPAP there because he has to fill it with water, so he can pull it out of the machine, put it on the cart. Instead of him trying to carry something with his walker. Anything that needs to go between the bedroom and the bathroom, closet area, he’s able to put on this cart and move.”

The one pictured here is used by another caregiver in Texas. “We’ve used it for the bedroom to put all the stuff in. There’s wipes, then on the second shelf there’s actually two different blood pressure things there. Then that clock. That is wonderful. I love that clock. Somebody in the caregiver group suggested that. They were saying they’d gotten it for their mother. I’m like, “Oh, this is great, because with the cognitive issues that he was experiencing…It’s like, “What time of day is it? Is it morning, is it night? What is it?” It’s big and you can see it tells you it’s Tuesday afternoon and tells you the time of the day.”

To find rolling carts, you can search for three tier rolling cart. To find the clock, you can search for orientation clocks or dementia clocks. (Also, although there isn’t a picture of one, there are projection clocks that can be useful for folks that are largely bed bound. Projection clocks display the time on the ceiling and can also help with orientation.)

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